Our Process



To quote the Greek Philosopher Epictetus, “we have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

Our first goal in our design process is to ensure that we have taken the time to hear our client’s, values, needs and desires, as well as their purpose and goals for the project on which we have been commissioned.



Each individual, business, or organization is unique. Likewise each project is unique.

To employ the same strategies from project to project would be doing our client’s a disservice. We draw from our expertise, knowledge, and experience to develop a custom-fit strategy for that project which effectively addresses all elements and phases of the project.



Presenting our strategy to our clients prior to engaging in the design and implementation of a project is vital to the project’s success.

This is where we discover any gaps in our understanding of the project and to ensure that the technologies and design will represent our clients accurately.



Our designs are based on our clients needs and wants, not on looking around at what others are doing.

It is easy to browse and mimic what others are doing. While some of the design that’s out there is amazing, we believe we can deliver “amazing,” customized around our clients needs, not the latest design fads. We aim to be on the leading edge of design not following along the “well-trodden” path.



We scrutinize every aspect of our projects to ensure delivery of a truly refreshing experience.

While we are not perfect, YOUR project is OUR project, not just a few more dollars in the can. We are invested in your success, and how your clients, constituents, or members are introduced to and experience you, your business or organization through our work.



With an ever-evolving technological world, ongoing support is vital to success.

Sustainable design, marketing, or technology solutions are only as lasting as the company that stands behind them. You can count on us to be there for the long-haul with frequent checkups as well as technology and design suggestions and invaluable security updates. We have been serving clients in the around the U.S. and world-wide for since 2005.